Energy Management Services

Installation and Commissioning

Team INTI guides you through every step of the process—analyzing your site, designing and installing your solar electric system, and providing on-going service and support.

Services Provided By Our Team Include:

Opportunity Evaluation

SOLAR – We start with a site survey to determine PV array layout, conduit routing, electrical interconnection, shading, wind and structural analysis. Based on the site assessment, an analysis of the utility bills and electrical consumption is performed. A financial and environmental benefits summary is also provided. Our thorough financial approach ensures the maximum benefit from all available programs and incentives.

LED – A through site survey to determine the existing lights being used, location of the lights, existing fittings, Application for which the light is being used and the total lumens output required. Based on the initial assessment and based on the information provided on your electricity bills and general consumption data a comparative analysis of the existing light to LED would be performed.

System Design & Engineering

SOLAR – Depending on the Load used per hour and the solar radiation available in the area, a system design with the no. of solar panels, Capacity of the Inverter and the No. of batteries along with the detailed specifications would be arrived at and a typical savings chart in terms of electricity saved per day would be mentioned.

LED – Professional CAD drawing to illustrate the LED light selected and the light coverage of the area. along with the light intensity.

System Installation

SOLAR – Project management and planning with projected timelines and milestones met by professional, Stellar Solar crew members with minimal disruption to your daily operations. Comprehensive regulatory compliance including all post installation inspections.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Ongoing system service including monitoring electricity output and performance. In addition to as-needed service over the system lifetime, Stellar Solar offers several programmed service level offerings to meet customer expectations.

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