INTI ENERGY Pvt. Ltd.(IEPL) offers next generation renewable energy solutions in the fields of SOLAR and LED Lighting. Our highly efficient and reliable renewable solutions deliver more energy and require minimal maintenance while keeping the costs low.

Our Solar Photovoltaic (PV) solutions range from stand alone systems to full scale grid connected solar power plants.

Team IEPL has hands on experience in design, construction, operation and maintenance of grid - connected plants and off grid plants including roof top solar systems. In Addition, our proven management execution capabilities have ensured an efficient and timely completion of all projects undertaken.

Our Partnership with the world’s leading LED Light Manufacturing company has enabled us to reach and service new customers.

Your Partnership with INTI ENERGY

At IEPL, we have a customer centered approach and treat each client and project as an opportunity to deliver an individualized solution. We have a “listen first” philosophy and seek to understand and clarify our client’s desired outcomes at the beginning of a project.

At INTI ENERGY We Are Always Working To:

  • Increase access to renewable solar energy systems nationwide by rapidly expanding the number of locations where IEPL’s Services and Products are available.
  • Build partnerships with companies that have a strong market presence to accelerate our efforts to bring renewable energy sources to the mainstream.
  • Build a Great Company; one that is great to do business with, does great things, and is a great place to work.
  • IEPL strives to innovate and give back to the communities that have enabled our steady growth
  • Follow the principle of - No job is too small, too large or too complex!


To set new standards in providing quality renewable energy products and solutions which are AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE and FLEXIBLE.


To make the society a better place for the future generations by making optimal use of renewable energy solutions and reducing our carbon footprints.

We are in the process of developing ecopower homes leveraging on our award winning renewable energy products and solutions. Come be a part of the ecopower revolution.​

Share with us on what you think about IEPL. And let us know how or what we can do to reduce our carbon footprints and provide sustainable and efficient energy to planet earth.

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